History of Religion in Tower Hamlets

Looking at the maps of Tower Hamlets below, you can see how changes in the number and types of places of worship show how the diversity of the population has changed over time.

Find out more about the history of religion in Tower Hamlets.

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Showing places of worship still in existence today

map of Tower Hamlets in 1930


Showing current place of worship

map of Tower Hamlets in 2007
Symbol Category
Anglican Legend Symbol Christian: Anglican
Roman Catholic Legend Symbol Christian: Roman Catholic
Baptist Legend Symbol Christian: Baptist
United Reformed/Presbyterian Legend Symbol Christian: United
Methodist Legend Symbol Christian: Methodist
Missions and Other Legend Symbol Christian: Missions/Other
Jewish Legend Symbol Jewish
Islam Legend Symbol Islamic
Hindu Legend Symbol Hindu
Sikh Legend Symbol Sikh
Biddhist Legend Symbol Buddhist
Non-denominational Legend Symbol Non-denominational
Building no longer exists Legend Symbol Building no longer exists
Converted to other use Legend Symbol Converted to other use



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