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St Stephen's Rd E3 5JL
Building Facilitator:
Phillipa Boardman
Anna Hart and Lizzie Buckmaster

St Paul's Church

Historical Text

St Paul Church "a new heart for Bow" was completed in 1878. The spire was removed in the 1950's and by the 1990's the church faced demolition. However in 2003 the Community Ark Project brought new life to the building with the insertion of a new interior structure and uses including a gym and an art gallery.

Artistic Response

Anna Hart and Lizzie Buckmaster working with Mulberry School for Girls, Year 8. Silhouettes of figures engaging in different activities offered in the building are set within a forest of translucent tubes evoking the steel columns of the new interior and the Victorian organ pipes. Words chosen by the students to describe the building are woven through the tubes.