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Commercial Rd London E1 2PS
Building Facilitator:
David Russell and David Brandes
Onya McCausland

Congregation Of Jacob Synagogue – Kehillas Yacov

Historical Text

The Kehillas Ya'akov (Congregation of Jacob) was founded in 1903. This synagogue was built in 1920/1 as a typical galleried and top-lit shtiebl (prayer room) behind a front building. It has remained in continuous use and is a rare example of the many small synagogues that were once found all over this part of the East End.

Artistic Response

Opening the faith chest you see a Hebrew text, the Mah Tovu (How Good), the tefilla or prayer of welcome and thanks traditionally recited on entering a Synagogue. Blue is the dominant colour - it is the colour of the fabric that contains the Torah and the interior of the synagogue. Recessed in the faith chest is a light-emitting drawing of the Ark, below which there is an image of the Star of David.