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13-19 Herald Street, London, 2 6JT
Building Facilitator:
Sybil Joseph and Bashir Williams
Viyki Turnbull

Built On The Rock International Ministries

Historical Text

Built on the Rock International Ministries was founded in 1978. Having occupied various premises, it is now housed in a former bed factory, built in 1954. The congregation moved here in 1996, and is developing plans to build a new church on the site.

Artistic Response

The work is the response to how this congregation took the space of a former factory and transformed it into hub of a community. Threaded around, through and under the furniture were AV cables linking video screens between the different parts the building revealing the way that this congregation gathers to worship. In the Faith Chest a video of a service sits alongside a word map of the main hall, the collision of the two evoking the richness of the space.